Service That Extends Above and Beyond

Several weeks ago, our president took a call late Sunday afternoon (outside of our service department's normal hours) on his personal cell phone (included in emergency message on our answering machine and website). The call came from someone who was using their friend’s hot tub on an icy cold day at Sugarloaf. He had encountered a problem with it, and being unfamiliar with hot tubs since he didn't own one, he called us to help him troubleshoot the hot tub so that it didn't freeze. Our president enlisted the help of one our sales staffers (all staff are employee/owners), and together they instructed the user on how to get the hot tub back into normal operation. Our accessible senior staff (emergency numbers are answered with calls returned 24/7) is another example of a company that provides exceptional and dedicated service during and after hours to protect your investment.

On another Sunday evening, our president took a call from one of our Falmouth customers and gave her the necessary advice to keep her hot tub up and running until the next day when our service team came to the rescue. Our president was able to help because his personal cell phone number, as well as those of our general manager and operations chief, are posted for emergency calls at any time.

This is a constantly evolving post to show examples of our exemplary service provided to over 26,000 customers. Check back often to see how we take care of our customers after the sale and how we can take care of you.

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